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On  8 May 2013, at a public meeting, the Parish Council and Oxspring residents  resolved to formally apply for Neighbourhood Plan status. Within six months, and following the statutory consultation set out in the Localism Act, on 23 November 2013 Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council designated the Parish of Oxspring as a Neighbourhood Plan area. At the same time the Parish Council successfully applied for a grant to support the production of the Neighbourhood Plan and was awarded £6975. In addition, technical and practical support for the production of the Plan has also been made available by Planning Aid England. Volunteer residents were called upon to help the Parish Council and drive forward the production of the Parish Neighbourhood Plan.  A steering group and topic-specific committee groups were set up and are currently working on the Plan preparation.

1 March 2014 marked the launch of a Phase I community engagement and consultation programme. In the coming months Oxspring residents’ collective ideas and aspirations for the future of the Parish will be analysed, ranked, prioritised and become proposals in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. Following a village referendum and adoption by the Local Authority,  these proposals can then define  future planning policy  for Oxspring. The Neighbourhood Plan, as a statutory planning document, can become the mandate for  future development consent and restrictions within the Parish.


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