A Vision for the Future


A Vision for the Future of Oxspring (Revised September 2015)

To maintain the character of a rural village whilst moving forwards with an infrastructure that will support 21st century living.

This Vision will enable us to keep a foothold in the past whilst moving the village forward.


A Vision for the Future of Oxspring

A key element of Barnsley MBC’s Economic Strategy – pdf for the Borough is to encourage the building of large executive style homes in areas such as Oxspring, hoping that this will bring income and economic growth into the Borough.

Recognising that this strategy is by no means fool proof, and that the residents of Oxspring do not see that there is a need for any further large scale development of executive style homes in the village, the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to set out an alternative approach to encouraging economic growth in this area of the borough. By demonstrating that economic growth can be achieved in other ways the need to ear mark large areas of land in the village for the building of executive style homes can be avoided.

The Neighbourhood Plan’s Vision

Oxspring will provide a high quality living environment for residents of all ages, incomes and diverse backgrounds.  It will encourage business growth, compatible with a rural economy, and it will meet the challenges of climate change by being self-sufficient in energy production.

Postcards from the Future

At the Consultation Day Event on 1st March 2014, residents were invited to write a postcard imagining what Oxspring might be like in ten or fifteen years time. The postcards shown here are examples of what the future might hold for Oxspring.