Stages of the Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan

The first phase of community engagement ran during the months of February and March 2014. During this phase we gathered initial information from residents, local landowners and local businesses on key planning issues for the Parish. This ranged from asking residents their views on the Parish open spaces and other landscape designated areas; the type of homes the Parish might require now and into the future; residents’ ideas about economic growth and support for local businesses, including their views on a community based renewable micro-energy generation initiative. Now this phase has been completed the results have been collated and analysed with the assistance of Sheffield Hallam University.  We have been working with Planning Aid England and drawing up a list of potential policy areas based on the key issues identified by our community.  This has taken place during the months of May and June 2014. Ultimately the Plan’s proposals and policies need to meet four basic conditions set in the Localism Act 2011 and the Neighbourhood Plan General Regulation (2012), and these are:

1.    Contribute to the achievement of sustainable development
2.    Have regards to the national policies
3.    Be in general conformity with strategic policies of the development plan for the area
4.    Be compatible with the EU obligations & EU convention on Human Rights.


The next phase of consultation during the summer of 2014 will be to test these emerging proposals & policies again with our local residents, businesses, landowners. We hope that at this stage we might have stimulated some interest from developers, or organisations that might want to approach development differently to support proposals from the emerging Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan. We will then prepare a final draft Neighbourhood Plan document to go out to further consultation and then this will be submitted to the Local Authority and the External Examiner in 2015.  The External Examiner will advise and recommend in favour or against the appropriateness of the Plan and whether to proceed to Referendum. The proposed date for the referendum at the moment is for early 2016. If 50% +1 of those that vote on the day are in favour of the plan, the Local Authority will then ‘MAKE’ the plan (or adopt the Neighbourhood Plan) A more detailed time scale can be viewed on the Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan Milestone Graph below. Please note that this is a draft programme and will be subject to changes as work progresses.

Programme Milestone Graph Sept 2014– pdf »

Also below are the DRAFT Community and Engagement Strategy Framework document and the DRAFT Consultation and Engagement Programme document.

These documents are subject to change as appropriate funding, resources and volunteers’ time etc becomes available.

Consultation and Engagement Programme Revised 9 Oct 2014– pdf »

Communication and Engagement Strategy Framework revised 9 Oct 14– pdf »



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