Draft Plan

The comments from the Regulation 14 Consultation are reproduced below.

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Oxspring Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014 – 2033

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This is a consultation document.

This Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for Oxspring Parish has been published for public consultation under Regulation 14 Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and comments are invited for

6 weeks from 21st March 2016 to 5pm 2nd May 2016.


Hard copies of the document (and some Representation Forms) are available for viewing at Penistone Library, High Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6BR.

Hard copies and Representation Forms can also be requested from:

The Clerk to the Council, Stephanie Tolson: Tel: 01226 792657 or 01226 379895

email: clerk@oxspring-parish.com

A Representation Form is provided for comments, but the Parish Council also welcomes comments by email or in writing. Please return completed forms and other comments in writing to: The Clerk to the Council (see above)

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Comments and Responses to First Draft Plan

All the comments on the First Draft Plan have been collated and, together with the responses and amendments made as a result, are show here via the link below.

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First Draft of The Oxspring Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014 – 2033

The first draft of a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Oxspring has now been produced by Louise Kirkup of Kirwells, the consultants working with the Neighbourhood Plan team. Residents and other relevant stakeholders are being asked for their comments on this first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan.

A full copy of the Draft Plan, together with the Planning Policy and Evidence Base document and a Representation Form for comments, is available here.

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Please complete this form in one of the following two ways:
Option 1: Download this form to your computer, print it out, complete and return it to the collection boxes provided at the locations above by 31st December 2015.

Option 2: Download this form to your computer, open the form and complete it using the blue highlighted fields provided, save it, and attach it to an email to: parish@oxspringplan.org.uk by 31st December 2015. 

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A Representation Form will also be attached to the latest edition of the Parish newsletter. For those who would prefer to read a hard copy of the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan a limited number will be available to view at the following locations:

the Post Office, the School, St Aidan’s and the Waggon and Horses or by contacting the Parish Clerk, Steph Tolson, on 01226 792657.

This is an informal public consultation and comments are invited up to 31st December 2015. Completed Representation Forms, with your comments, can be returned to the collection boxes provided at the following locations: the Post Office, the School, St Aidan’s and the Waggon and Horses, or by email to parish@oxspringplan.org.uk

Public Consultation
This first draft of a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Oxspring is the result of previous consultations with residents, local stakeholders (landowners, businesses etc.) and the latest developments in BMBC’s emerging Local Plan. It is important that Oxspring’s NDP accurately reflects the views of as many local residents and stakeholders as possible. Please take the time to engage with this process and make your views known using the Representation Form. These will help to inform the next stage of the Plan which will then be published for further formal consultation early next year (Spring 2016). Thank you for your time and interest.

Revised Policies

The Neighbourhood Plan for Oxspring has to conform to the overall planning policies produced by Barnsley Borough Council in their Local Plan.  Much has changed on that front since we first began the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Oxspring.  On November 10th 2014, BMBC published the Consultation Draft Local Plan for the borough. This Draft Local Plan has returned back to policies more closely aligned to the Unitary Development Plan of December 2000 & the Core Strategy adopted in 2011 for the Oxspring Area. In summary, such policies endorse that large housing developments should take place in towns such as Penistone & Barnsley & not in rural areas & settlements west of the borough, such as Oxspring, which do not have the infrastructure & services to enable sustainable growth. This means that there will be no large scale development in Oxspring for the period of the Local Plan ie till after 2033.

Information gathered and policies drafted, before this latest change of direction by Barnsley Borough Council, has meant that we have had to have a re-think about the policies needed in the Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan.  The government have set aside grants specifically to be used by communities to help them produce neighbourhood plans.  Oxspring Parish Council have successfully applied for a further grant which has enabled a firm of specialist consultants to be appointed.  Kirkwells of Burnley will work alongside the neighbourhood plan working group to produce revised policies in line with the revised information in the emerging Local Plan and the views of local people gleaned through the various public consultation exercises.

A revised draft plan should be available by the autumn of 2015 which will go out for further public consultation.

Results of Questionnaires on Draft Indicative Policy Areas & Proposals

The results of the questionnaires sent out in January 2015 have been returned and analysed.  Out of 500 questionnaires sent out 108 responses were received.  There were 87 paper questionnaires returned and 21 responses on line.  The overall response to the draft policy proposals was very positive with the vast majority of responses supporting the NP.  The results of the questionnaires are published here as pdf documents.  The results to the paper  and on line questionnaires are shown separately.  A number of additional comments were also made over and above those made on the questionnaires and those are also published here as a pdf document.  Please follow the links below.  With the support of the community the NP can now go forward to the next stage.  More information will be made available here soon.

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Consultation on Draft Indicative Policy Areas & Proposals

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ONP_Consultation_Draft_Policy_AreasThe Neighbourhood Plan’s policies & proposals aim to follow the Vision for the Future of Oxspring adopted in May 2014 and will focus on the seventeen policy topics/issues which emerged from the household questionnaires and consultations held in March 2014. These will be grouped under the broad themes of Community, Business and the Environment. To meet national and best planning practice guidance NP policies need to be evidence based, meet the four basic conditions set in the Localism Act & ultimately deliver the vision endorsed by its community.

Initial drafts for the policy topics listed below have been prepared for a second stage consultation with local residents, local businesses & other key local participants. This consultation will take place over the months of January and February 2015 and will help the Parish Council respond to proposals in the BMBC’s draft Local Plan (to be published by the end of 2014).

The document Consultation Draft – Indicative Policy Areas and Proposals will be delivered to every household in Oxspring and residents will be asked to complete the enclosed questionnaire.  The questionnaire can also be downloaded from this website if more copies are required for additional household members.

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The questionnaire can also be completed on line by clicking on the link below to the Survey Monkey website.

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Two drop in sessions will take place at St Aidan’s Church Oxspring on Saturday 24th January 2015 from 10.00am to 2.00pm and on Thursday 29th January 2015 from 7.00pm to 9.30pm to discuss the draft proposals.

All comments must be received by Sunday 15th February 2015.

Policy Topics & Headings

Community Wellbeing

  • Encouraging fair and accessible housing for local needs and local people
  • Fostering a new school at the community’s heart
  • Promoting a new community leisure, sports and recreation hub

Nurturing Local Businesses

  • Improving connectivity for businesses and residents
  • Diversifying & growing the rural economy
  • Developing a new community sustainable green energy hub

Nurturing the Rural Environment

  • Protecting and enhancing Oxspring’s biodiversity assets and amenity areas, namely: The River Don, the green belt, green open spaces, open farm land, our local gardens & community allotments
  • Preparing for Climate Change – Flood & Energy resilience
  • Protecting and enhancing the parish’s built environment and rural heritage
  • Creating new links and connections to the Trans Pennine Trail, the riverside, the parish picnic area, local footpaths and bridle paths