Questions & Answers

Q – What are the true building costs of zero-carbon homes?

A – The ENDSreport (March 2014) & the Zero Carbon Hub (a joint industry-government partnership) account that advances in technology and changes in definition of zero-carbon homes have slashed the additional costs of such homes to near marginal levels.

Supplementary cost for a Code Level 5-6 Home (zero carbon home) now range from £6,700-7,500 for detached homes and £3,700-4,700 for semi-detached and mid terrace homes, to £2,200-2,400 for low rise apartments. By 2020 when zero-carbon homes will be a required standard the costs will have fallen further to £5,700 for a detached house, £2,900 for a semidetached house and £1,900 for flats. The average household energy bill in the UK today is £1,300. Zero Carbon homes means more energy efficient homes & lower energy bills.

Q – Is there any evidence held by local authorities or central government as to the success rate or otherwise of submitted Neighbourhood Plans being adopted wholly, or in part, by the relevant local authorities?

A – In 2011 following the enactment of the Localism Bill, 17 neighbourhood planning front-runners were selected to prepare draft plans and Neighbourhood Development Orders. Three years on there are now 963 applications for Neighbourhood Plans, 781 locations have been designated as Neighbourhood Planning areas, 79 are at pre-submission stages, 41 are at examination stage, 22 have passed examination, 8 have passed the local Referendum and 7 have been MADE (adopted) by the Local Authorities. So far 100% of all plans that have passed examination have had a successful referendum and been ‘MADE’ by their local authorities. (Department for Communities & Local Government, March 2014).


Reply to letter of enquiry to Dept of Communities and Local Government – pdf »

The chair of the Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee, Ruth Rovira Wilde, wrote to the local MP Angela Smith asking her to seek the advice of the Dept of Communities and Local Government regarding planning applications received during the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan.  The DCLG response can be read by clicking on the download button below.


Questions asked of Helen Willows (BMBC) and Mike Dando (Planning Aid) and their Responses – pdf »


Parliamentary Response to Question Raised by Angela Smith MP on behalf of an Oxspring Resident – pdf »

An Oxspring resident asked the local MP, Angela Smith, to enquire how much progress had been made with Neighbourhood Plans across the country.  The reply from the Department for Communities and Local Government is available by clicking on the download button above.